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baking up a storm

baking up a storm

I was fortunate enough to bake for another friend’s wedding. Cupcakes were not on the agenda this time. Lauren wanted an assortment of cake plates with 3-4 layered cakes on each. We made the cake stands according to this site. I highly recommend you try them out…if even for a little dinner party! I layered Red Velvet … Continue reading

Vanilla Bean Orange Zest Cookies!

I absolutely love baking…if you couldn’t tell. I recently baked about 200 cookies for the external offices to show our office’s support for their efforts in making our company run so smoothly! I am now officially obsessed with this cookie. I knew I didn’t want to bake a simple sugar cookie…because what fun would that … Continue reading

Cups of Cake!

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving! Since we all have food on the brain, I wanted to share the results of the wedding I baked for recently. I made minis of each flavor, as well as jumbos to make up the general cake shape. The below images show the flavors that made up … Continue reading

Friday’s Fabulous Find!

Who knew refrigerators were getting a makeover! I love how this piece becomes a work of art on its own. You would need quite a bit of kitchen space to house this, but I love the thought of it! Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday’s Fabulous Find!

So right now…I have traveling on the mind…and I have got to get back up to the North for a smidge! I love you Atlanta, but I am a Yankee at heart. I am hoping that today’s find will inspire you too…not to decorate, but to travel and EAT! Woah. I know. It’s a lot … Continue reading

Breakfast Cupcakes!

As some of you know…I am dying to own my own cupcake shop. Yeah…yeah…yeah, I know it has been done, but mine will be different I promise! Today I made a Chocolate Eclair cupcake for one of my work loves. Feast your eyes on this: Please pardon the plastic plate and fork…snagged this before everyone … Continue reading