Pottery Barn or DIY?

A few months ago, I stumbled upon a set of 6 dining chairs at Goodwill. That never happens!! I snatched them up for a mere $80. These chairs weren’t for me though.

photo 1

Karla just moved into a 4 bedroom house, and the dining room was in need of seating. She had her eye on some chairs from Pottery Barn…chairs that were $200 each. No sir.

I called her up, tossed the chairs in the truck, and Adam and I were on our way.

This weekend it came time to give the chairs their much needed makeover. Karla picked up about 12 cans of Rustoleum double coat white spray paint. We took the cushions off, and got to work.

I really wasn’t wanting to completely redo the cushions. Luckily they were in good shape. We simply recovered them with fabric that we picked up at my favorite fabric store, Forsyth Fabrics in Atlanta. Just a few million staples and we were good to go.


The cushions were way easier than the chairs. Spray painting is an extremely tedious process, and you have to have patience. It is a must. You need to make sure you are doing light even coats so that the paint doesn’t drip. Paint dribbles are unattractive and not the look we were going for with this project.

I think the chairs turned out great. I’d say the whole project (chairs, paint, & fabric) cost about $180. That’s the cost of 1 chair from PB!!

photo 2

I’m extremely happy with the turnout of the chairs, but my arms on the other hand need come rest. Spray painting is painful! Maybe I should start a spray painting workout class…hmmmm.

Continue to ask this question people: could I make that more personalized for cheaper??

Over and out.


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