bedroom retreat

I have been searching for night stands for a VERY long time. I wasn’t finding exactly what I wanted for the price that I wanted…so I just made my own! I know this comes as a shock to you all.

I found a lot of links for the IKEA Rast, but it just wasn’t as sturdy as I needed it to be. Something about drawers being held up with wooden pegs doesn’t scream “Store all of your sweaters and blankets in me!”

While the man and I perused the store, I stumbled upon the Tarva. It seemed sturdier, but was way to tall for a night stand. We can fix that…so we made the purchases 🙂

Our room is rather small, meaning a lot of dark furniture was not going to be a good idea. However, the color of the dresser in its natural state was not working for me.

After putting the dresser together according to the directions, we stopped before inserting the drawers. As you can see, we chopped down the legs a little bit with a jig saw. You can leave it at the height they come, but I did not want the stand to tower too much over the bed.

This is Penny…wondering why her entire apartment is being taken over by furniture.

After putting together the dresser, I stained it with a Dark Walnut wood stain. I happened to have some leftover from a previous flip.

After staining the frame, it then needs to be sanded and coated with Poly. You can see the drying dresser in the background, and the drawers ready to be painted. In case you are wondering what it looks like to build furniture in 900 sq ft…this is it:

I painted the drawers with a High Gloss Antique White. The gloss will allow me to clean the drawers should they get dirty.

After 4 coats of paint, everything was left to dry for 2 days. You will want to make sure the stain is completely dry before you Poly, and then make sure that is completely dry to the touch before you move forward with anything else.

I picked up a few flat gold knobs from Home Depot to complete the night stands. All together, I spent $180 for 2 night stands that I absolutely love.

Feel free to put your own spin on this project. Go with whatever matches your taste!

happy styling,



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