baking up a storm

I was fortunate enough to bake for another friend’s wedding. Cupcakes were not on the agenda this time. Lauren wanted an assortment of cake plates with 3-4 layered cakes on each.

We made the cake stands according to this site. I highly recommend you try them out…if even for a little dinner party!

I layered Red Velvet with a cream cheese filling and a white butter cream icing.

The other flavor was a dark chocolate with a chocolate mousse filling topped with a white butter cream icing. I’m all about aesthetics…and these cakes needed to match from the outside (hence the butter cream).

Below is the finished product…floral arrangements by Karla T.


Lauren got married in a beautiful vineyard. However, traversing up a huge hill with 6 cakes in hand was quite the accomplishment. All in all it was a beautiful day!

styling off,



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