Design Trends 2012

Happy Wednesday!

I have recently put a presentation together for the trending ideas for 2012 design. I wanted to share them with you in order to spark up a little inspiration. Reno’s are easy, you just have to constantly envision the end product people!

1. Bold Accents on a Neutral Canvas
Gold and teal are taking over as accent colors. It is becoming increasingly popular to keep most permanent pieces (such as wall and sofa colors) as a neutral scape. Color is thrown in with accent pieces like art, rugs, pillows, lampshades, etc. Basically pieces that you can change out easily if your tastes change. Besides, lime green walls don’t really help resale value. Complete saturation of a unified canvas…with pops of color…what a combination!

2. Recycle, Repurpose, Reuse! (Sing this to catchy tune if it helps you remember.)
Not everything is what it appears to be. I think my favorite image below is the dresser/vanity. How sophisticatedly chic! See some candlesticks at Good Will, but they aren’t the right color? Grab a can of spray paint in a fun accent color and paint away! New isn’t always the best. I am all for DIY, but I will always advise to make sure that your place looks clean and chic, and not to “kitschy”. We are going for tasteful style, not macrame curtains.

3. Sophisticated Comfort
You spend a lot of time in your home (maybe more at work if you’re like me), but it should be a place that when you see it…it makes you smile. It should also be an artistic depiction of your own style. I’m not saying cut up your favorite tee-shirt and make a lamp shade, but you should definitely be seen in your space. I really love the juxtaposition of comfort items with stiff in the images below. I’ve hit on this before. If you have a masculine leather couch (stiff) throw a furry throw pillow on it. It creates balance in the space, and comfort for you!

4. Balancing Act
This brings me to my next topic. The balance of strong statements is key. The below image shows a perfect balance of different geometrics with softer patterns. It also balances the saturation of the stark white with warmer colors, in this case using coral and khaki as accent colors. All of this is grounded by the natural wood floors. Perfection.

If you have made it to the bottom of this…give your self a hand! Goodness knows that was a lot of insight, but I wanted you to see the direction that design is taking. It doesn’t seem like rocket science, but finding your personal style and coming up with a balance that makes you love your home is a tough thing.

On a side note…our little bakery just booked 2 more weddings this year to bake for…hooray! I will keep you posted on the recipes and designs. Sorry my posts have been a little spread out, but life is picking up a tad.

Have a fantastic day stylers.


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