DIY Farmhouse Table

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to show you a project I was recently working on. The way I see it is…If you don’t like something fix it! Or if something is too expensive – make it!

I drew out my own blueprints for this table. I knew what I wanted it to look like, so the only part that was left was how to make it structurally sound.

I measured the space in full. Took my measurements to Home Depot, and meandered around until I found some cedar posts. Gosh they smell so good!!

I wanted everything to stain evenly, so I have to find cedar in all of the other elements I needed.

Thinking of something you want to redo? Just draw up an image and try to make it! There will be some sort of hardware that can connect all of the pieces and make them do what you want.

Next on the agenda is a larger one of these for my boyfriend’s sister. I’m thinking two longer tables that can be joined with a hidden lock on the underside. Back to the drawing board!!

Enjoy the images.

Final Product…Love!

Have a good day!



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