Posted in December 2011

Welcome 2012!

It’s time to move forward everyone – leave the past behind! I hope you have all thought about your resolutions. Maybe that unfinished project will get done, or maybe you will try those 10 recipes you have been meaning to get to. Whatever the outcome, I hope you all enjoy your weekends…and have a fabulous … Continue reading

The Wedding Bug!

I know, I know, I know – I am a terrible blogger…but I have been so busy this holiday season! All of my little love buns are spread out so far now, so when they are in town, I try to drop everything so that I can still get to see everyone! Something extremely exciting … Continue reading

Vanilla Bean Orange Zest Cookies!

I absolutely love baking…if you couldn’t tell. I recently baked about 200 cookies for the external offices to show our office’s support for their efforts in making our company run so smoothly! I am now officially obsessed with this cookie. I knew I didn’t want to bake a simple sugar cookie…because what fun would that … Continue reading

Friday’s Fabulous Find!

I am always looking for ways to transition something you already have into something more fantastic. I absolutely love this mirror makeover. What a fabulous way to turn something that might be an eye sore in your bathroom into something you love looking into! Have a great weekend!

Friday’s Fabulous Find!

I have shopping on the brain…hardcore. I love to just get ideas for new outfits. I have been known to ask my friends what they are wearing just to know…not in a creepy way though. I just LOVE clothes. I can’t shop all the time though (I have to keep the purse strings tight). Sometimes … Continue reading