No More Tears

Occasionally, while meandering through Walmart, I usually take a 20 minute stop in the makeup/ hair section. I might make this occurrence happen every time I am in there, but that is besides the point.

This particular time, I really could not find a shampoo that I wanted to try, which does not usually happen. I started reading the ingredients on a few of the Pantene products…and wouldn’t you know it…they are all exactly the same on the one below.

pantene heat protection shine spray review

If they are all made for different hair types, how can they possibly all have the same ingredients? One day I’ll try each out…one day.

After being fed up with my usual shampoo (the heavy post wash feel has got to go), I thought, “Hey! What about baby shampoo!” Little did I know there has been an entire debacle going on regarding the chemicals in baby shampoo. However, I hardly imagine they can be much worse than the hooplah listed on the back of half of the other products I own.

So I decided to try it out, and by that I mean I bought a travel mini of J&J baby shampoo. I have to tell you, after a week, I really like it. I have to use a little bit more than my usual stuff, but it never feels gunky. It also cleanses better than I could have imagined, especially since a touch of hairspray is part of my daily routine. Best of all…I happened to get a smidgle in my eye…and no tears! What more can you ask for?

I give you this challenge…buy a mini bottle (it’s almost a dollar), and just try it out! If you hate it, then put it in your little guest shampoo kit.

Good luck!


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