Crown Molding

One of the things that attracted me to my condo was the great molding. I have crown molding, as well as picture molding (which is a little strip under the crown molding used to hang pictures from).

There was a little strip of wall between the two, which I thought would be nice to paint the same color as the wall. While I tackled the larger surface areas, the boy embarked on all of that trimming between the molding.

After grueling hours of wine and paint, the below was the result:

Close…but no cigar. (I have no idea what that is even supposed to mean, but it works.) So after pondering what to do, and being hit with another renovating bug, I decided to paint that little strip the same as the molding! This would create a huge molding illusion, which would work perfectly with the character of the building (resale, resale, resale.)

I, along with my steady handed side kick, set up the ladder and got to painting. I was able to help this time because missing the mark would not be tragic…everything matched 🙂

After a few hours, we had this:

I absolutely love it! Perfect molding, and just in time for a visit from my bestie.

Also, just to forewarn you, I will probably be MIA for the next few days. With entertaining, and grocery shopping, and baking, etc…it is bound to be the death of me.

Keep you all posted, and wish me luck on this baking feat!!

Have a good day 🙂


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