Lamp Renovation

This past weekend, I picked up 2 lamps from Goodwill for $15 a piece. They were tall, and heavy, and they matched…perfect! I also knew they were keepers when a woman began to follow me around the store exclaiming what beautiful lamps they were.

Get your own DIY project lady…is what I wanted to say, but settled on a smile and a thank you!

This was the naked lamp I purchased. It was a lovely sea-foam green and shade-less.

I purchased the rope from Home Depot for $10. This is the one I bought, and I am showing you this because I went to three different places looking for rope. Who would have thought it was very difficult to find?!

I wrapped the rope tightly around the lamps, hot gluing every so often in order to create a snug look. After the purchase of 2 nude lamp shades, and a tremendous amount of lassoing, the below was created.

They work perfectly in the space. They are tall and natural. They flank the mirror splendidly.

Here is a close up of the lamp:

Pardon the lighting…it was night-time when I decided to start and finish this project.

Hope this motivates you all to create something beautiful out of a bare canvas. Hit up your local Goodwill if you are in need of inspiration; they have so many treasures there!


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