Posted in October 2011

Loving the Subway!

Happy Friday Everyone! I’ve noticed that a lot of color in the home isn’t really something I am personally interested in…and that is apparent in today’s fabulous find. I absolutely love the cleanliness of this shower! It is so crisp, and it just sparkles with simplicity. I really want to  do white subway tiles in … Continue reading

Friday’s Fabulous Find!

I absolutely love reclaimed wood! I have a strong desire to use old gym floors in my home, or even old barn wood as an accent wall. Hopefully this gives you an idea for something crafty to do in your home! I have a Halloween party this weekend with the boy. I’ll post pictures of … Continue reading

A little TLC

Well hello there! As happy as I am that you are staring at my blog right now…I am going to send you away for a second! I read this blog daily, and a most recent post really hit close to home. Layla and her hubby use “The Lettered Cottage” as their creative outlet…and I absolutely … Continue reading

Friday’s Fabulous Find!

I have to share this image with you all. What a fantastic bathroom. The second I can afford this (in a home I plan on staying in for a while), I will be purchasing this!! I can’t even take it. I love the rustic mix with the soft white wood. I hope you all have … Continue reading

Forever 21 in Buckhead!

I am so excited to inform you all of this news. Forever 21 is opening in Lenox Mall on October 15th. It will carry all of the Forever lines of clothing. I personally will be waiting until after the initial uproar. However, if you are brave enough to fight the crowds, they are offering incentives … Continue reading

Theory of Design

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” Steve Jobs Crazy weekend for me folks. Vegas bachelorettes definitely take a lot out of a girl. I will post pictures of the fantastic hotel and escapades soon. Have a fantastic Monday!

Lamp Renovation

This past weekend, I picked up 2 lamps from Goodwill for $15 a piece. They were tall, and heavy, and they matched…perfect! I also knew they were keepers when a woman began to follow me around the store exclaiming what beautiful lamps they were. Get your own DIY project lady…is what I wanted to say, … Continue reading