Friday’s Fabulous Find!

So right now…I have traveling on the mind…and I have got to get back up to the North for a smidge! I love you Atlanta, but I am a Yankee at heart.

I am hoping that today’s find will inspire you too…not to decorate, but to travel and EAT!

Woah. I know. It’s a lot to take in…but cheese louise I could go for some Chicago pizza right about now.

Friday’s were always a pizza night in my little Italian family. We would all pop home from school and work, beg mom and dad to let us bring a friend to dinner, and head on over for a pie. Maybe I have nostalgia on the brain…or maybe I just want to stuff my face with 4 pounds of cheese and sauce…regardless, this image screams fabulous to me.

Enjoy your weekend everyone…and let’s all promise each other we are going to schedule a fantastic trip, and plan to stuff our faces with fabulous food while we are there!

Happy Friday!


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