To Whine or to Wine?

Well…to answer your first question, I am sitting here sipping hot chocolate with marshmallows, as well as a glass of wine. Judge all you want…but that will just about tell you the day that I had.  Beverages in hand, I stare at my little Dell ready to dish! More and more questions have popped into my inbox…so today you will get answers!

Q. Blazers – Are they for all body types?

A. Yes!! I absolutely love blazers! There are so many different types too: long and loose, long and tailored, short, solid, patterned, colored trim…the list goes on! I usually choose mine based on which bottoms I’m wearing (remember my motto of making one half tight and the other loose). Tight Skinnies – I shoot for a longer, flowing blazer probably with a more fitted shirt. Accentuate the features you like! Big chested? Oh yes, blazers are for you too. Try and snag one that is a litte fitted under the boobs…this will make your ladies stand out (in a non-tentlike fashion!) If you’ve never tried one on…go out and buy a solid black one…nothing to trendy yet. Next time you’re going out, throw it on with a sassy dress and watch the compliments roll in.

Once you get a little gutsy…try one of these on for size…and welcome yourself to the world of jackets/blazers!

Q. Boots – Where are you finding your favorite fall lineup?

A. Sometimes I spend a pretty good bit on my boots, but for the most…I’m an under $100 type lady. But I take care of my shoes! Cheap or expensive! I’m not running marathons in them…just strolling! These are a few at DSW that are catching my eye lately:

Bandolino Varnissa Great lace-up’s with a pair of pattern tights and a bold dress!

Cindi Boot

What a great flat for your everyday wear and tear!

Seychelles Hawk Bootie

Pair these with a sassy dress and some tights for a great day to night look! Peep toes and tights are NOT a “NO-NO” in my book! Love it!

Steven by Steve Madden

Swooning over these…right up my alley!

I could go on and on and on. I absolutely love boots, but I havvvvve to try them on. No shopping online for boots for me (unless I tried-on in the store and online was a better deal). My go to’s are: Target, DSW, TJ Maxx.

Q. What are your favorite flats?

A. I am a huge fan of Steve Madden’s flats. They are so light weight, and show the perfect amount of toe cleavage. They come in a ton of colors, and for $40 a pair…you just can’t miss! Note to shoppers – they do take a little while to wear in. I usually wear mine around the house for a little while, or while driving so they get that comfy stretched out feel that we all know and love.

So many colors, textures, and patterns…you can’t get just one!

Well…that is my fall style question and answer session for now, possibly because Sex and the City is coming on…or possibly because I am out of wine. Regardless…time to lock it up.

Have a good day everyone…and feel free to email me with your questions! Next up on the list…addressing mirrored doors! Stay tuned…


2 thoughts on “To Whine or to Wine?

  1. Where are those jackets from? Especially the black leather one? I need a good fake leather jacket for an upcoming event!

    • I usually try forever and H&M for fake leather. Especially if it is something you think you will not wear often! Forever has some cute one’s online now too. Good Luck!

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