The Foundation of Fashion

“Fashion is architecture. It is a matter of proportions.”


How wonderful would this dress be as a wedding dress?? I am completely in the wedding mood these days.

This weekend, we attended a beach wedding for the boy’s best friend since 3rd grade…crazy I know. The wedding was on the beach, underneath a huge tree. It was beautiful, and the weather was just plain fabulous.

I’m not engaged, but a girl can’t help but think about her own little extravaganza. The bride looked fabulous: hair, dress, and all.  There must be some natural law that says the bride always gets to look fantastic, no matter the weather situation, but I on the other hand, was a humid wreck. Note to self: I will not be having an outdoor wedding.

The reception was inside on St. Simons…and the A/C was enjoyed 🙂 Thanks John and Kacie for letting us share your special day with you!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Also, I am holding you all responsible for reminding me to not have an outdoor wedding…jot it down.

Here’s hoping our Monday flies by!


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