Crazy To-Do List!!

I don’t know about you…but I am an avid supporter of “to-do lists”, planners, calendars, and pretty much anything else that keeps my hectic life in order.

My life has been kind of a mess lately, with the yardsale, work, decorating, traveling, and now football season is starting to boot!

Currently my list includes (some of which are on-going):
1. Start cooking more than a bag of peas for dinner (baking is my strong point…not dinner).
2. Redecorate Mo’s living room with her (still recovering from an awful Craigslist Indian Giver).
3. Assist in home renovations of the Iowa frontier.
4. Find a stool for my desk.
5. Build a modern farmhouse kitchen table.
6. Build business model with J.
7. Log into myfitnesspal daily.
8. Do. Not. Stress. Out.
9. The ninth item on my list is one I am extremely excited about! Your’s truly will be…..

Baking the cupcakes for a wedding!! I know…this is the big time. I am so extremely excited about it. I mean, I love to bake, and I love a good money saving tip…so why not help a sista out a little bit and bake amazing little pockets of wonder for her wedding 🙂

The cake tier will include:

Red Velvet Top (to freeze and save)

Creme Brulee

Andes Mint

Chocolate Trinity


I will keep you all posted as these recipes develop. I need to perfect them first, and then I’ll reveal the finished products!

Hope you all are doing well!


4 thoughts on “Crazy To-Do List!!

  1. AHH I’m on your blog! Or at least me wedding is! I’m so excited!!! (And extremely thankful!!)

  2. I just LOL-ed at this like really loud at work because Rene sounds like a leprechaun – “at least me wedding is!”….is your wedding also “magically delicious” Rene? HAHA. Love this. I would also like to note my role at Assistant Baker – risky given my track record in the kitchen? yes.

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