Breakfast Cupcakes!

As some of you know…I am dying to own my own cupcake shop. Yeah…yeah…yeah, I know it has been done, but mine will be different I promise!

Today I made a Chocolate Eclair cupcake for one of my work loves. Feast your eyes on this:

Please pardon the plastic plate and fork…snagged this before everyone dug in!

This pastry/cake lovechild is equipped with gooey custard insides…mmmmmm.

The cupcake is a moist vanilla cake. The icing is an Almond Mascarpone (my favorite ingredient!)…topped off with a drizzle of chocolate.

MyFitnessPal is going to love me for this today…oh well!

Happy Birthday Dani!


4 thoughts on “Breakfast Cupcakes!

  1. This definitely looks good; your talented!! My Bday was the past weekend, but Im celebrating ALL month– Im crossing my fingers and hope 1 appears 4 me in the lobby @ work:-)

    • Hello! I will be trying out a few different recipes for a wedding I am baking for, so I will be sure to drop one down there for you 🙂

      Happy Late Birthday!!

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