Multi-Purpose Room Design

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

I hope your weeks have been off to a great start.

I wanted to share with you a room design that I put together recently. Some of you may recognize this room…and hopefully this is an upgrade from how you remember it!! 🙂

I get emails daily asking for my input on furniture placement, home decor, and just random style advice in general. I don’t have a fancy design software, so I usually just end up playing around in Powerpoint.

I start with sketches for any room. It helps me wrangle in my eye, as well as keeps me focused when I am meandering around Homegoods, etc. (My mind tends to wander in design stores…don’t act like it doesn’t happen to you!!)

I wanted this particular room to serve several purposes:

Large workspaces

Cuddly sitting chairs

Severe amounts of storage

Classic design to last

Large mirror to balance the wall above the cabinet/ take one last look before hitting the road


This is what I came up with:

These represent the three different walls of the space, as well as the fabulous Crate and Barrel Coffee table.

I love the juxtaposition of the different woods with the white chairs and bench. I am also an avid promoter of Parson chairs at the heads of a table. I think it adds a classy, comfy vibe.

Also, I am completely obsessed with the capiz shell chandelier. What a great focal point for the ceiling!! (They have a stellar one at World Market right now p.s.)

As for the maps behind the chairs…I thought those would be really fun! I have tried this before, and it works wonderfully. They are old vintage maps, that I have stained blue to add a little more color to the walls. It was necessary for the walls to be covered in a neutral tone, but I still wanted to bring color up. What better way than with an interesting art piece as a focal point?!

Have a great day my sassy style lovers!


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