Speaking of Clothes…

So my friend Jordan showed me this blog yesterday. Basically, the creator (Jessica) shows you what she wore to different things to give you ideas about your own wardrobe, I suppose.

It actually occupied my time for a large portion of the evening. I always find it interesting to see the different things that other people miraculously pull off…yet somehow I would look completely ridiculous if I even tried to step out of the house in.

Take this for example:

She comes across trendy, stylish, and collected. I would look absolutely dumb, or rather a “Where’s Waldo” who accidentally burnt the lower half of their body to a crisp, creating a lovely hot pink color. What? It’s all the rage.

Check out the rest of her outfits at Jessica’s blog!

Do you all ever notice this about the fashion of the world? I am such a people watcher…so I am constantly on the alert. I absolutely loooove just perusing through a crowd of people, trying to decipher what type of person they are based on their selected trend.

And don’t get me wrong, I DO try to go out on a limb with my ensembles. I have never been one of the individuals who “fell into the GAP” when they were 12. I take risks…but calculated ones…and more often than not they occur around the house rather than in public.

So what type of fashionista are you? One who sticks to the rules of the game, one who makes their own rules, or those who select a few out there items for each outfit, but generally stick with the masses (like me)?

P.S. it’s Thursday everyone…just thought I would excite you a little about the proximity of the weekend 🙂


2 thoughts on “Speaking of Clothes…

  1. Can’t. Stop. Looking at this site. She is so cute. Looking at her old winter stuff now – LAYERS, BOOTS, and SCARVES – HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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