One Thing I Do Not Understand….

Why are there a million different mascaras??! Seriously!

I would appreciate it if they would just sell mascara in a ginormous container…and just have it come with a ton of different brushes.

Is there really a difference between the rows and rows of random colored tubes? I haven’t really found one. I am pretty sure I just convince myself one is better based on the advertisements, and then I just become attached to it, so I am too scared to switch to a different $10 tube of black paint.

You can try the different ones at Sephora and Ulta…but they don’t have the everyday brands. They are all like $20, and how am I supposed to know what’s different about them? Such a confusing topic.

I also love the packages:

“8x fuller…12x fuller…made with collagen!”

What on earth does that even mean? Ladies, I know you are with me. There is no way I look at myself after I put my mascara on and think, “Wow, my eyelashes look 12x fuller.” I think, “Thank goodness I look alive now…my eyeballs exist.”

Regardless of all the riff- raff out there…I have settled on a favorite!

I am currently using:

It gets the job done. However, just when I think I have found a winner, they come out with a new one- Falsies Flared.

Maybe one day I will try that one too…later.

Don’t get me wrong, mascara is an essential part of my morning routine. I just wish the decision on which one wasn’t between soooooooo many!

Do you guys feel the same way, or am I alone on this?


One thought on “One Thing I Do Not Understand….

  1. I’m with you! I hate it and then they give you coupons to try the newest one and you think that ones great for a while… I have two that I use currently, L’Oreal Voluminous (its been around for a decade and always does the job) and just recently the Beyonce one. Isn’t that sad I have no idea what it’s called, I just know its in a gold tube with Beyonce? Its great for length tho. Needless to say, I use both at the same time. I think you should design a double sided brush tube!

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