…Try Again!

I know it was mean of me to make you wait for this transformation…but it was worth it, promise!

Just to recap, this is the space I was working with:

To start off…this is the filing cabinet transformation. I found an amazing patterned fabric from a local fabric store. I covered each drawer and hot glued the edges. Just be sure to glue on the inside rather than along the frame of the drawer to ensure that they will still close!

The Big Picture

I needed the entire wall to appear filled. It is the first wall you see when you walk into the condo…so it needed to be a good one!

I added color with a few plants. This entire piece…bar and all…was $12:

Then added some frames. I found this image at IKEA…but I couldn’t find any other ones that I liked to match it. I knew I wanted three frames to balance the space. I ended up buying three of the same image, but in order to make it feel more “artsy”, I positioned the frames to show three different views of the same picture – making them look like three separate pictures (I don’t think I use the word “three” enough).  For example, I snagged the top left of one, the bottom right of another, and then the middle. This is a trick you can easily use! It works best when the image is of items, rather than a scenery…just to throw that out there.

Now for the final product….drum roll…

I think it turned out pretty darn good – aside from the speakers that the man insists on having.

This entire wall was only $100!

This eyesore that made me cringe…is now one of my favorite focal points!


3 thoughts on “…Try Again!

  1. You’re like a genie in a super cute bottle, with an extremely well-decorated interior. Amazeballs.

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