Friday’s Fabulous Find!

The week is almost over! We only have to make it a few more hours 🙂

Hopefully this image will inspire you to take a project to another level this weekend. This is one fantastic room. Candice Olson is an amazing designer in my eyes. She keeps things classic, yet fresh and modern. Her taste is ridiculously on!

I love her ability to mix and mingle different patterns. It’s almost like her room is having a big party, and everyone is invited…from florals, to large ginghams, to plush linen headboards!

She has masterfully paired traditional lighting and rug options, with the crisp lines of a modern couch, bed, and tons of accessories.

Candice’s approach to style is a great motto to consider:
“I believe that the essence of good design is its ability to sustain long term integrity – to become classic and create a truly captivating home.”

Be inspired this weekend! Make every room in your home one you want to snuggle up in for hours. If you like a design…try to copy it, while of course adding a little twist of your own.

This has been a crazy week for me, as I am sure it has been for all of you! Join me next week…because I will be delving into some more of my DIY projects.

Happy Friday Everyone!


One thought on “Friday’s Fabulous Find!

  1. I love this picture. It reminds me of the way the St. Regis hotel is decorated. Sort of French country yet modern…yellows and blues and mirrored furniture.

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