Online Shopping – The U.S. is left out no longer!

There are a few stores that I cannot stand to actually be in when I am shopping. I can’t stand the crowds, overwhelming towering piles, and disorganization. Thank goodness these stores are coming online! Welcome to 2011.

I already shop Forever online. It’s just easier. Sometimes, I will even just put things in my cart. It seems to fulfill my shopping craving for the day. The only depressing thing is that, maybe 2 months later, when I actually decide to purchase my long ago hoarded away items, they are no longer available. Sadness.

So back to the exciting news America!

H&M should be available to the online US by the end of this year/ beginning of 2012!

ZARA is going to be available September 7th!

Zara might be a little difficult to shop online because their items seem to fit differently each time. Eh…we can just buy and exchange if need be.

I think H&M is the most exciting to me. I don’t mind going into Zara as much…but H&M is a madhouse! Always! I have never once been in there and just meandered around calmly. If it’s not the overcrowded scene, it is the screaming children running around, the reach through by employees insisting that they hang up an item just as you are looking in that exact spot (irks me to no end), or the ever popular one of your size is not there.

So thank you H&M for granting America access to your stores via the www. We are forever thankful!


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