Normal…I think yes?

Hi Everyone!

I want to thank you all so much for being so fabulous during the launch of this site. You are all the reason I write.

Today, I wanted to pose a question. While listening to the radio this morning, I became extremely aware of my abnormalities. The morning show that I listen to was discussing idiosyncrasies that people have, and whether they are normal or not.

Normal is an awkward term. What is normal? Are things normal just because a large amount of people do something as well? Well I can definitely think of about a million (well maybe 100) things that a lot of people do that seem weird, but would technically be deemed normal based on that definition.

I, for example, do the following:

  1.  Anything I eat that has multiple colors (like Skittles), I divide them out into piles of each color. I only eat one of each pile until the end, where I have to make sure there is one of each color left. (Wow I sound insane when I type that out.)
  2. In the winter, I like to crank the heat all the way up and roll the window down in the car. I like my feet, hands, and face to be toasty…but I still like the fresh air!
  3. I have to sleep with some kind of blanket. Even if I am extremely hot, I will not take the blanket off. It makes me feel safe. Obviously, if I were to get broken into in the middle of the night…my blanket would protect me.
  4. I always read the last page of a book before I decide to buy it or not. If it doesn’t sound like it ends in an intriguing way, I am sure as heck not going to buy it. Just like with movies. If I knew at the beginning of “The Break Up” how ambiguously it would end, I might not have seen it. That is probably a lie, but the ending was extremely frustrating.
  5. When I am writing or typing, if I notice half way through that I am spelling a word incorrectly, I have to finish the word and then alter it. Also, for some reason, I never highlight the incorrect part and change that, whether it is a sentence or a word. Completely inefficiently, I proceed to delete the entire sentence/word I have just written and start over. Why can’t my body just let me only delete the wrong portion!?
  6. Whenever I take a test, I have to bring 3 mechanical pencils. One for me, one for if someone asks to borrow one, and one to save in case my pencil, due to my tremendous strength, breaks mid sentence.

Do any of these things sound familiar to you? What things do you do that you convince yourself are normal, even though sometimes you doubt that?

Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself…along with everyone else!


3 thoughts on “Normal…I think yes?

  1. I can completely relate to 1 and 3. One only for candy with multiple colors. When I’m eating dinner though, I have to completely finish one thing before moving on to the next. Such as veggie, veggie, starch and I always leave the meat for last (it’s my least favorite). I totally agree. Up until these last few weeks of pregnancy, I have to have my bed, sheets, comforter just perfect. I can’t not handle a destroyed bed and sheets untucked.


  2. Where do I even begin on my odd quirks? You probably know them better than I do- HA! Well first… whenever I take a test, I constantly have to pick a section of my hair and smell it.. I guess it’s therapeutic in a way? I am right there with you when if comes to deleting an ENTIRE word instead of correcting only the portion you mistype (in fact- I just did this twice). I’ve also noticed recently that I have picked up this habit of starting at the end of magazines… not sure exactly when this started.. but my friend actually pointed it out about a month ago. I can’t have a chip in my fingernail polish.. just isn’t acceptable. Oh, and everything on my desk, in my bathroom, has to be neatly aligned… I guess I may have a slight case of OCD. Anyways, I think the more “normal” we all are… the more entertaining our lives are 🙂 Love your blog!

  3. i wont drive on the interstate unless i am forced. i CANNOT stand to have anything on my countertops that doesnt belong there and dirty dishes in the sink? i think not… i cannot stand the sight of barges. they freak me out big time. if i havent touched/used an item or peice of mail in 2 weeks, i will throw it away. this includes remote controls to ones surround sound system. i like to press the “scan” button on the radio and just listen to the 5 or so seconds of all the random stations it chooses. i will watch the same movie over and over and over for weeks at a time until i am tired of it. and the best for last… i have a new stainless steel garbage can in my kitchen. no trash is allowed in said can. its too pretty…

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