Posted in August 2011

The Wonder Years

“You start out life with a clean slate. Then you begin to make your mark. You face decisions, make choices. You keep moving forward. But sooner or later there comes a time where you look back over where you have been… and wonder who you really are.” Advertisements

Friday’s Fabulous Find!

Hi Everyone! While working at the condo today, I am looking around my little office wishing for something more. Something more like this!! What a fabulous room! I could definitely get a ton of work done in this room.”Oh, why don’t I shift from this amazing wicker chair to this lovely chaise to ponder today’s … Continue reading

Breakfast Cupcakes!

As some of you know…I am dying to own my own cupcake shop. Yeah…yeah…yeah, I know it has been done, but mine will be different I promise! Today I made a Chocolate Eclair cupcake for one of my work loves. Feast your eyes on this: Please pardon the plastic plate and fork…snagged this before everyone … Continue reading

Multi-Purpose Room Design

Happy Wednesday Everyone! I hope your weeks have been off to a great start. I wanted to share with you a room design that I put together recently. Some of you may recognize this room…and hopefully this is an upgrade from how you remember it!! šŸ™‚ I get emails daily asking for my input on … Continue reading

Friends of the Family

I am a big quote kind of a girl. Sometimes a good one can just really get you through the day. I think I will start sharing a few of my favorites with you each week… starting today! “The most important thing in life is your family. There are days you love them, and others … Continue reading

Friday’s Fabulous Find!

I just had to share this room with you!! I know rustic wood beams might not be everyone’s cup of tea…but you have to admit this is a pretty fantastic room! I love the way the beams become the decoration for the ceiling…drawing the eye upwards towards a fantastic view. I am pretty sure I … Continue reading

Speaking of Clothes…

So my friend Jordan showed me this blog yesterday. Basically, the creator (Jessica) shows you what she wore to different things to give you ideas about your own wardrobe, I suppose. It actually occupied my time for a large portion of the evening. I always find it interesting to see the different things that other … Continue reading

Would You Seriously Wear That?

Happy Hump Day Everyone šŸ™‚ While perusing through my latest People Style (the magazine I constantly swoooon over), I came across a few fashions that I wanted to get your opinion on. Guys, if you are reading this, just answer it as if you would actually want to talk to someone wearing these clothes. Denim … Continue reading

One Thing I Do Not Understand….

Why are there a million different mascaras??! Seriously! I would appreciate it if they would just sell mascara in a ginormous container…and just have it come with a ton of different brushes. Is there really a difference between the rows and rows of random colored tubes? I haven’t really found one. I am pretty sure … Continue reading

Monday, Monday!

Hi Guys! I am so sorry for bailing on my “Friday’s Fabulous Find”. I took a much needed long weekend with the girls in Alabama. It was nice to get away…but I definitely missed theĀ hustleĀ andĀ bustleĀ of the big city! Get excited though…because I am going to share something fabulous with you today! I don’t know if … Continue reading